Monday, May 30, 2011

Tips For An Inspired Life: Work Out Your Creativity

Creativity is the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating, and entertaining ourselves and others and therefore it is essential to our well-being. Creativity is not something that has been bestowed on a select few humans, on the contraty, we are all of us creative in our own way. Creativity is part of our DNA and furthermore it is something that we can develop, work out and nurture.

"We are all of us unique. Each a unique pattern of creativity and if we do not fulfill it, it is lost for all time" - Martha Graham
An inspired life is a creative life. It is a life that is ever-evolving. Being creative is the process of changing our world for the better. It means being impulsive and spontaneous some days. To become more creative, we sometimes must disconnect ourselves from doing things. We must practice the art of doing nothing, so that our creative juices can flow. This is a tough lesson for most of us. We are always busy and if not physically busy, our minds are already out there planning our next move. We need energy to create. To get energy, we need good sleep, restful naps, relaxation time, nutritious meals, sunshine, fresh oxygen and exercise. To become inspired and creative, we must close the door on our fears. We must not worry about what others will think or say.

Children never worry about what others think of their artwork or their songs or dances. They are proud of whatever it is they have completed. They laugh uncontrollably, spin till they're dizzy, and fall down... All without a moment's thought as to how they look or what anyone else thinks. That's the idea... Unconditional joy!

Our creative abilities often show up very early in life. Have you ever watched five-year-olds at play? They are curious and highly creative in their games. Their creativity has no bounds. No one has told them that they can’t do something. They’re fearless explorers, artists, or musicians; some are even comedians in the making. They have not yet been pressured to conform and they think they can do anything and that nothing is beyond their capabilities.

Have you wondered what are some joyful activities that you can use right now to inspire you? Try a little bit of cloud watching. Lose yourself in those fluffy shape-shifters, just like you did as a child. Climb up to a higher level and look at the world from a different perspective. Take a walk or a ride through the quiet countryside and take a few moments to contemplate what you are seeing. What are other places where you could become inspired? Perhaps by the side of a river or pond, walking on the beach, hiking up a mountain trail, taking a scenic train ride, sailing over water, strolling through a garden, looking at the faces of passersby from a sidewalk cafe, sitting alone in a chapel... The choices are limitless. Your soul craves variety, so experiment and find out what works best for you.


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