Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Thoughts Song

OMG, this vid is so cute! Elmo and Abby think happy thoughts at bedtime! And Elmo is so scientifically right when he says "If you fill your head with happy thoughts than there's no room in there for scary thoughts." It's a physiological inability for a human to experience conflicting emotions at the same time. Research on attitudinal ambivalence makes it clear that sometimes people can feel both good and bad about the same object, but this does not mean that people can experience such seemingly opposite emotions as happiness and sadness at the same time.

Happy thoughts don't just help you feel better immediately, but they also give a stronger and more stable foundation to your life. Happy thoughts help you be in control of your life rather than being bounced around by life. There is power in our thoughts and we can shape our lives through them.

The "Happy Thoughts Song" is a life lesson camouflaged in a fun song. This video is for kids and adults alike.


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